We live in Africa but believe Londoners


This is my first article in English, I tried to do an adaptation from one of my old articles. I chose this because is one of my favourites and also I am living in England right now, and thus the topic of this article is very relevant for me again because I can compare better the similarities between the behaviour of Londoners than Venezuelans. I hope you like my “new” article and I apologize in advance for my possible English mistakes. (Thanks to my teacher Iza, I think this article only has a few)


A few days ago, I was walking in Caracas after work towards my home, in the middle of the typical chaos at six in the afternoon I sat in a square to take a break and I spent a few minutes watching quietly  the comings and goings of the people as we like to says “The day is done”. Then I began to realize how particular we are the Venezuelan people, especially the people of Caracas; starting from way walking in the streets, gesture, the behaviour to front different situations, the words, etc,  etc, etc. this denote a society with a special idiosyncrasy. I think that Venezuelans have a dichotomy in our social behaviour, a very big difference between our reality and the behaviour, a way of life and customs it is not adapted to our living conditions.

Although you do not believe it, our living is similar country to the Africans. We are one of the most violent countries in the world and have the second most violent city by murders, Caracas, more than any cities in Africa. Also we are one of the most corrupted countries, located at rank 162 to 179 where are African countries and Haiti only bellow us. Then we have one of the worst governance index, similar to Zimbabwe, Belarus and Ivory Coast, and also in 2008 we had the second highest inflation rate in the world surpassed only by Zimbabwe (It’s country is the best, always beat us).

If you would like to talk about the transport service you could say that moving to Venezuela is quite a feat, the public system of transportation is very bad in any ways including the subway; that in the past it was one of the things why we are proud of, right now it is really overcrowded and the quality service has deteriorated very much. If we combined this with the traffic jams and the poor conditions of the road the scene is dreadful. In conclusion, we live in a country with a few similar characteristics to the Africans, obviously we have a lot of difference things (especially at economy level) than the poorest region of the world.

But, the more surprising is not that we have similar things to Africa, the really interesting fact is that we have a dissociated behaviour in relation to our conditions. Because in the branch of Africa called Venezuela we live in suits, high-heels, makeup, and perfumed although we have to walk ten blocks a day under thirty o more degrees, because our houses may not have water service, but every day you have the same hairstyle, because we have to take three differents type of transportations and hour and half to arrive to work but it does not stop having the appropriate outfits and a good make up, because Venezuelans women do not leave their houses without makeup, because Venezuela is one of the most important consumer of cosmetic in the world.

But the physical cult is not the only characteristic of our dissociation, because also we have so many luxurious products, like good scotch whiskey, in fact we are one of the first importers in the world. And the list of thing could be follow,  jewels, watches, restaurants, clothes, shoes, parties, etc, etc. Finally the Venezuelan’s people live day by day as if they live a developed country, although every day have to struggle with the traffic jam, the chaos of the city and a lot of more things.

Despite the rain or shine, not water service, or protest around the country, Venezuelans have always the glamour ahead, although we live in Africa our magic realism make us walking everyday on Abbey Road.



2 Responses to “We live in Africa but believe Londoners”

  1. Antonio Says:

    Good article. Good English best than mine.


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